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We are aware many of the deep pockets are still not using BingAds in their digital marketing campaigns. In fact at times we are surprised to hear BingAds? You want me to spend on BingAds? We confidently say : Do it for 3 months and tell us what you got by using BingAds in your campaign.

If mobile is more important to you, Windows phones are growing market share; perhaps the fastest growing among all smartphone platforms at this time. Microsoft owns Nokia for quite a while. Add the Yahoo network to it. Despite how much we love Google the whole world doesn’t and never will. Acoording to ComScore’s latest search market share numbers , the search giant Google is slightly less dominant than it had been at this point last year. And this has been an ongoing trend for quite a few years. We know Google is still smart enough to find newer ways to catch up; but we need to accept what the research says at this time.

BingAds gives you better bang for the buck. Just check the current bid on any keyword on both networks and you’ll agree. Sure you are going to argue : But Google has wider reach & market share. Do you need all of that reach and all of that market share? For example local businesses with probable clients within a 5 mile or 20 mile radius are likely to get equally good results in conversions effected. Feel free to compare the differential cost & differential benefit on both networks.

If you are the kind who keeps hunting for low competition keywords, you will find easier game at BingAds.

Google offers 2 choices at the campaign level: Google search, or Google search and search partners. You can’t just target search partners and exclude a specific search partner. You can’t even see which partner engines are driving traffic to your site. Bing allows users the pliability of targeting just Bing & Yahoo, just search partners, or both, at the ad group level.

Probably the most innovative offering from BingAds is the ability to control which gender and age demographics see your ads. Demographic targeting are often controlled at either the campaign or ad group level within Bing Ads. Try locating that in AdWords.

Sure BingAds doesn’t yet provide Call Only ads, great for advertisers that prefer calls than clicks in internetland.

But considering all of these features, its just not advisable for any spender to work only with AdWords.

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